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The following list is how many of my parenting classes clients describe some challenges they face. If you are experiencing a similar challenge, I have a range of parent education services that will help you to overcome them:

Angry teenager

Unruly, Defiant Child

Troubled teens

Teens with issues

Teenage rebellion

Emotional teenager

Difficult teenager

Parenting teenage boys

Raising teenage girls

Teenage attitude problems

Pre teenage behaviour

Disrespectful teenager

Out of control teenager

Aggressive teenager


Services for Parents



At this workshop, we ‘learn by doing’. In our parenting classes participants have the opportunity to see, feel and think about their role in a new way. Experiential learning allows participants to incorporate new ideas and change behaviors that are not possible in other teaching styles. The six-session parent education workshop gives you progressive opportunities for learning and practicing, which will help you to develop your child or teenager’s responsibility, respect and resourcefulness.

Individual Support


 Are you looking for long-term skills to encourage your children to think independently, become more responsible and have a greater respect for themselves and others? Single parent, divorced or co-parenting? Then these parenting classes offer you the parental guidance you are looking for. You will be equipped with respectful educational methods that incorporate kindness and firmness, and help you to get to the core of your child's misbehaviour. We will meet in person at a time that fits with your schedule. Often 5-6 sessions are needed to shift a negative spiral into a more hopeful optimistic one. As each parents needs are different you may require more or less sessions to achieve your goal of harmony in your home.

Online Individual Support


For busy technologically minded parents, I now offer tailor made, one to one, online parental guidance sessions. We work together to discover the solutions you need to meet the challenges you are facing with your child or teenager.

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Schools, Community Groups and Social Care Settings

For information on services for schools, community centres and social care settings please contact Hilary Directly.

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