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Bringing Harmony to your Home, Classroom and Community. Guidance for being proactive rather than reactive in facing defiant children and challenging teens  behaviour.

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How I can help:

Today’s parents face so many challenges in raising children and teenagers to be happy, healthy, responsible and capable young adults. In today’s environment, troubled, angry teens experience more anxiety and teen depression than ever before, which often leads to disruptive behavior.

Whether you are co-parenting, a single parent or teaching troubled teens, as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Classroom Educator, I can offer you parenting tips, tools and advice to enable you to achieve a harmonious atmosphere in your home, or classroom with your children and teenagers once more.  

Through the method of Positive Discipline (PD) you will learn:

How to reduce power struggles while creating an environment of cooperation and mutual respect. 
How to help your children and teenagers become responsible, respectful and resourceful through parental guidance. 
How to use Kindness and Firmness to create discipline that teaches. 
How to reduce conflicts by providing your children and teenagers with life-long conflict resolution skills. 
The power of family meetings and how to conduct them. 
How to discover the motive behind your child or challenging teens behaviour. And how to use effective solutions to reduce the misbehaviour.  

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If you are experiencing  parenting  challenges, I have a range of services that will help you to overcome them.

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'It takes a village to raise a child' - African proverb. 

We were never meant to be parenting alone.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, or to book a workshop or individual session.

Hilary Diouf

Kitchener Waterloo Ontario, Canada

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