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My situation isn't simple is your service suitable?

Every family has their challenges and I'm here to support you in moving forward from where you are.  I have worked with parents who are recovering from substance abuse, exiting violent relationships, co parenting and single parents and parents who are trying to get a handle on their yelling. I meet you where you are at and journey with you towards more harmonious relationships  for you and your family. 

I can't get through to my child, will you talk to him?

I am here to support you in your role as carer to your child. My goal is to encourage you and empower you.  Our relationship with our children is our greatest tool.  I do not want to distract from your relationship or discourage you by stepping in. When you can connect with your child  then you can influence them.  I walk along side you without undermining your role as expert on your child. I do not work directly with your child but I offer you every support so that you can do so, with courage and confidence.              

I'm not very comfortable talking about my parenting.

I assure you that these workshops are a space of non judgement. We all have our struggles. I was a qualified child care worker and  I  joined a parenting group because I had the courage to seek out support and skills.  We focus on progress not perfection. Hiding our mistakes keeps us isolated and suffering from a lack of support from others. The past gives us information to help us move forward. Mistakes are marvellous opportunities to learn from,  not proof of our inadequacy.  A responsible person is not one who never makes mistakes. Responsible people take responsibility for their mistakes, learn from them and repair damage when possible. They seek answers to their parenting questions.

I need support but I can't afford it right now, where can I get support?

Please reach out to me through my contact page if you need urgent support. There are services in Kitchener Waterloo  that can offer you free or low fee services, you can find them here

The blog has lots of encouraging suggestions and resources for many parenting questions.  You are  sure to find support for the situation you are dealing with.

My partner and I are not on the same parenting page.

Whether you have been raised in different types of families or whether you are blending families that have parented differently, it is rare to find consensus on the very contentious issue of childrearing.  Some parents tend to more authoritarian styles while others tend to more permissive styles. Kindness is important in order to show respect for the child. Firmness is important in order to show respect for ourselves and for the needs of the situation. Authoritarian methods usually lack kindness. Permissive methods lack firmness. Kindness and firmness at the same time are essential components of discipline. We usually find that the approach of Positive Discipline is one that combines the benefits of both styles without the drawbacks of exclusive styles, supporting co parenting and giving single parents rounded skills .

If you have any questions please contact me

If i haven't addressed your parenting questions here please feel free to reach out to me. I will get back to you  with answers to your questions. 

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