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TESTIMONIALS - Parenting guidance

Katarina L. Kitchener- Waterloo


Through the Positive Discipline course, I learned that I can parent in a manner that is both firm and kind.  I started to apply the techniques immediately and was amazed at how quickly and positively my children responded to my new parenting approach.  I've noticed a decrease in our typical everyday struggles and that I am yelling less.  Overall, I'm enjoying my children more and our relationship has improved.   

I am so thankful to Hilary for her in-depth knowledge of the material and her ability to create a safe space in the classroom, so that we, as parents, can discuss our real-life struggles, and leave with tools to try at home.  I have highly recommended this course to my friends.

Workshop participant KW


This group allows you to experience collaborative problem solving and helps you to not feel alone or bad about yourself and your mistakes. This workshop is real,  non-judgemental and offers helpful parenting guidance.

Individual session client- KW


I'm so happy that Hilary was recommended to me. She is amazing. 

Now I'm looking forward to my parenting road to recovery journey using Positive Discipline.