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My Parenting Journey


My Background

 My Children have been an education. I've been on the parenting journey for 15 years- with no signs of graduating any time soon. Oh and I also have a Bachelors in Social Work and 20 years’ experience working with young people and families. Though nothing quite prepares you for the intense challenges of the parenting journey.


My Experience

I have been supporting families and young people for 20 years. I have had the privilege of learning from young people in care in a variety of settings from special schools for young people with learning and behavioural challenges to detention centres.

I became a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Resource Person in 2013 and Parent Educator in 2015.  I’ve supported the implementation of Positive Discipline in three schools in Switzerland and worked with a large number of care workers in residential homes.  Since 2018 I have brought my knowledge and experience to parents in individual coaching and workshops. 


I bring all that I have learned while working with young people  to  supporting parents, caregivers, teachers and social care workers in their vital role. 


About Me

I adventure through life co parenting our two teenaged children. We are a multicultural, multiracial, trilingual  family. We have lived in four different countries and are now settling down in Canada. These experiences have opened my mind and broadened my perspectives. Having been exposed to many different ways of parenting I have learned to get curious not critical.